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  • Suntem o echipă formată în timp din pasiune, pasiunea de a creea ceva util și durabil de aceea am creat soluţia INDEPENDENT SMART HOME chiar aici în Romania. Fapt care vă asigură dumneavoastră suport profesionist 24/7 şi siguranţa că cineva capabil este acolo în orice moment să vă ajute.
  • Am ajuns aici datorită doar pasiunii și dedicării viziunii noastre. În secolul XIX locuința nu înseamnă o casă unde membrii familiei sunt adăpostiți ci chiar un membru de familie ce are grijă de sănătatea și confortul întregii familii.
  • Familia trebuie să petreacă clipe de neuitat și pline de fericire fapt pentru care echipa noastră a dezvoltat o soluție pe cât de inteligentă pe atât de discretă şi simplă.
  • Această minunată echipă este formată din persoane dedicate și mândre față de soluția creată cu ocazia asta am dori să vă invităm să faceţi o mică cunoştinţă cu o parte din echipa noastră, în partea inferioară a paginii noastre.









Why would you choose

Independent Smart Home

Our trump is not just the technology but also People, because of that

our solution is personalized and adaptable for each beneficiary.

Benefits + tips & tricks

The smart home takes over the family’s tasks so they can enjoy their time together and create unforgettable memories


– System entirely developed and produced by us which offers short implementation time and specialized support .

– FREE 24/7 remote support for 10 YEARS since acquisition .

– The whole system is situated in your residence which means everything is working even without Internet connection .

– You can choose the WIFI(wireless), cabled or even the combination of the connection types.

– It’s accessible from any device(phone, tablet, laptop, PC) without the need of installing any special application.


– Each light source in your home is controllable from wall switch, phone or with motion sensor .

– The motion sensor can be set to accompany you in the night with the light switching .

– You don’t need special wiring for turning on/off a light from multiple switches, so you can easily use that for big spaces without the 3-way or 4-way switch architectures.


– Our solution accepts any regular wall switch and some glass panel switch.

– Reduces the cost and the number of cables used for lightning control in big spaces with multiple switches .

-Increases the safety of the family by using 5 volts instead of 220 volts in each wall switch, this way avoiding the danger of electrocution.


– The shading it’s done by automated curtains for a better natural light in your house.

– The curtains can be moved from wall switches, phone or manually . In the application you can schedule the state of the curtain positions based on hour.

– Can be set up to delay the opening of the curtains until movement is detected by the sensor in the room.

– Also a safety measure is implemented, in case the system detects a great effort the curtain will be stopped automatically .


– The temperature can be set individually for each room based on day and hour.

– If you have floor heating you can make the smart home system to keep a constant floor temperature. This functionality allows children to walk barefoot in the house without the fear of catching cold from the cold floor.

– In any room the heating system can be stopped temporarily in case you need it .


– The sensors of the system will supervise the temperature, humidity and air quality of the whole residence, offering a high life quality and comfort for residents.

– The sensors will be ‘hidden’ into junction boxes. They don’t need dedicated places or in case the customer wants they can be put anywhere in the house.

– Your garden will be taken care of with the help of the humidity and temperature sensors placed in the soil.


– During the hot days your house will stay at a pleasant temperature with the help of heating pumps or air conditioners which can be integrated into the smart system .

– Our solution can handle any type of air conditioner so you don’t have to worry about limitations based on brands and types if you choose us .

– Both the heating and cooling systems can be set to: manual, automated and deactivated modes.


– The irrigation plan is made using schedules based on hour and the soil’s humidity level.

– The garden can be split into multiple zones which have their own sensors and faucets to provide the optimal quantity of water because different cultures have various watering requirements. The water requirements can be affected even by the relative position to the Sun or the neighboring plants.


– The rooms can be equipped with sensors which can measure the air quality and provide data to the ventilation equipment.

– The motion sensor can stop the ventilation system when a person is present. This will reduce the discomfort caused by the air currents coming from the ventilation system.


– Our modules are miniature so you won’t have to deal with huge electrical cabinets in your house.

– These modules come equipped in/on the junction boxes of each room, thus making it possible to put the necessary parts in their place quite easily also in already built houses and with a small amount of cables in the entire home.

– A considerable advantage of our smart home solution is that it doesn’t require much maintenance due to the fact that it’s connected directly to the building’s electric network it doesn’t need additional batteries to work.

– It comes with incorporated actuators for the controlled household products.

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